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Message of the Day: Old Men: Epitome Of A Well-Balanced Life

A well balanced life means you are not given to wine (sober, not a drunkard), dignified or behaving with reverent propriety, self-restrained, and with so much faith, charity and patience. These are products of ripened experience and the trials that the old men have overcome.

Pa-Woke and the Filipino Psychology of Kapwa

Dami mong alam! (You know so much!) Eh di ikaw na matalino! Ako na bobo! (Okay! You are smart! I am dumb!) Have you been a victim of these sarcastic comments because you sounded like an intellectual or when you popped out a mind-blogging idea? If yes, then you are a victim of smart-shaming! You are tagged as pa-woke!


A Discarded Plant

Stained by the Spirit

Isaiah 12:2 KJV "Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song"

Unashamed of Jesus

Jesus is not a religion but a relationship with God



Here's the thing...

theology - apologetics - culture

The Art of Blogging

For bloggers who aspire to inspire

5 STARS: Film reviews based off supporting characters

[always the bridesmaid. never the bride.]


Blogger. Educator. Traveler. Hiker. Hunter. Camper. Gardener.