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Spoliarium is a Latin word referring to the basement of the Roman Colosseum where the fallen and dying gladiators are dumped and devoid of their worldly possessions. The painting features a glimpse of Roman history centered on the bloody carnage brought by gladiatorial matches.

Juan Luna’s Portrait of A Lady

“Portrait of A Lady” is the work of Filipino painter and hero Juan, on oil panel entitled “Portrait of A Lady, is now on display at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Manila.

The Parisian Life

Interior d'un Café (Parisian Life), an oil in canvas impressionist painting, by Juan Luna Y Novicio (1857-1899) was exhibited in 1904 at the St Louis Exposition (World's Fair) and was acquired by the GSIS in 2002 at Christie's in Hong Kong at the price of $870000 (around P45.4 to P46 million).

Museums and Galleries Month

The Museums and Galleries Month (MGM) is observed every month of October by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 798, s. 1991.

Message of the Day: Obedience To Parents

“My son, hear the instruction of your father,
And do not forsake the law of your mother;
9 For they will be a graceful ornament on your head,
And chains about your neck.” (Proverbs 1:8-9, NKJV)

October 8, 1897, Emilio Jacinto Wrote “A La Patria”

Today in Philippines. On October 8, 1897, Emilio Jacinto, dubbed in Philippine history as the Brains of the Katipunan, wrote "A La Patria" (To The Fatherland), a patriotic piece inspired by "Mi Ultimo Adios" (My Last Farewell) written by Dr. Jose Rizal before his execution at the Bagumbayan field (known today as the Rizal or Luneta Park). Jacinto wrote the poem under the coconut palms of Sta. Cruz, Laguna.

World Teachers’ Day 2020

In 2020, World Teachers’ Day will celebrate teachers with the theme “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. The day provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide, take stock of achievements, and draw attention to the voices of teachers, who are at the heart of efforts to attain the global education target of leaving no one behind.

The Sangley Insurrection of 1603: October 4, 1603, the Sangley insurrection broke out in Manila in the name of their governor Juan Baptista

On the night of Saint Francis day, Saturday, October 4, 1603, at about 11:00pm, Manila was attacked by the Chinese. It all started with the coming of 3 unnamed Mandarins from China. Pampangan warriors were rushed to the city and helped drove the Chinese away. The Chinese made their last stand in San Pablo City. Almost 23,000 Chinese perished in the rebellion.

Message of the Day: Hope in the Midst of Hardship

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (1 Peter 1:3, NKJV)

September 28, 1989, President Marcos Died in Honolulu, Hawaii

On September 28, 1989, President Ferdinand Marcos, 10th president of the Philippines and the longest president to stay in office, died at the age of 72 of kidney, heart and lung ailments in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was interred in a private mausoleum at Byodo-In Temple on the island of Oahu, visited daily by the Marcos family, political allies and friends.

Memorias de un Estudyante de Manila

This is the student memoirs or reminiscences of Jose Rizal. he wrote it from 1879 to 1881, from the age of 17-20. English translation by the Jose Rizal National Centennial Commission.

September 25, 1903, General Simeon Ola Surrendered to American Colonel Harry H. Banholtz

Today in Philippine History. General Simeon Ola was convinced to surrender when he realized that most of his townsmen surrendered already and were in good living conditions. Aside from the fact that his men were growing tired and weary. So, On September 25, 1903, Simeon Arboleda Ola, surrendered to American Colonel Harry H. Banholtz, over a year after the surrender of General Miguel Malvar to the Americans on April 16, 1902.

Karakol: An Expression of Faith and Culture

In the province of Cavite and some other parts of Luzon, this fusion is evident in the traditional Karakol, a procession characterized by dancing in honor of a patron saint accompanied by a brass band or a pre-recorded audio mobile (Raas, S.V.D., Fr. Bernhard, Saenz-Mendoza, Fr. Virgilio and Laurora, Sr. Franzia).

Deuteronomic History in The Book of Joshua

Characteristic of both Deuteronomy and the Books of Joshua and Judges are the strong moral notes, the sermonic style and the emphasis on the word of God spoken through the leader, whether Moses or Joshua or one of the judges.

The Parisian Life

Interior d'un Café (Parisian Life), an oil in canvas impressionist painting, by Juan Luna Y Novicio (1857-1899) was exhibited in 1904 at the St Louis Exposition (World's Fair) and was acquired by the GSIS in 2002 at Christie's in Hong Kong at the price of $870000 (around P45.4 to P46 million).


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