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Waiting Is Not An Idle Thing

“…occupy till I come.” This phrase was taken from the Parable of Pounds in the Gospel of Luke 19:13. The parable was intended to correct the people’s notion that a ‘world kingdom’ is about to be established as Jesus drew nearer to Jerusalem. The meaning of the parable was that each of us was given an equal amount of ability and must use it to advance his kingdom while he is away.

Waiting is not an idle thing. The word “occupy” in Greek means “to be occupied in anything or to carry on a business. That is, “busy oneself with (trade). [Strong-Lite]

Keep going! Keep improving your life and the life of your children. Keep doing your business. Enjoy life, family and career.

Above all, keep promoting God’s kingdom here on earth while we wait for His coming.

As Martin Luther said, “Even if I knew tomorrow that the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”


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