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Message of the Day: Do Not Delay

“I will hasten and not delay to obey tour commands.” (Psalm 119:60 NIV).

Psalm 119 is a “devotional on the Word of God” (NASB Study Bible).

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I find it important to quote The NASB Study Bible verbatim for it says something about the author of Psalm 119 which I know many of us can identify – “the author is an Israelite of exemplary piety (probably postexilic) who (1) was passionately devoted to the word of God as the word of life; (2) humbly acknowledged, nevertheless, the errant ways of his heart and life; (3) knew the pain – but also the fruits – of God’s corrective discipline; and had suffered much at the hands of those who arrogantly disregarded God’s Word and made him the target of their hostility, ridicule and slander.” (NASB Study Bible).

Love for God’s Word produces a life of obedience, an obedience free from hesitation. Man ought not to continue sinning upon realizing God’s grace through His Word. There is no room for hesitation and indecision of the mind. Positive decision should not be suspended. God’s people is always determined to obey God and not delay.


Bible Gateway:

NASB Study Bible. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 1999.

Olive Tree Bible Software: OLIVETREE.COM

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