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Message of the Day: The Lord is Our Judge, Lawgiver and King. He will Save Us!

For the Lord is our judge,

The Lord is our lawgiver,

The Lord is our king;

He will save us.

(Isaiah 33:22, NASB)

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We are safe in God, like a city surrounded by a stream where no enemy warships can cross. If they insist, they will disintegrate and sink. By God’s grace and mercy we are blessed with good health and prosperity.

The Lord is our source of happiness, His presence will be to us the source of blessing, success and joy. He is the perfect ideal of a judge, lawgiver and king.

God is not just aware of what is happening in our lives, but he has the power, wisdom and love to intervene or to let everything run its natural course. The Bible declares that God is actively involved in our daily life. He chose to bless, teach and save us!

We better trust him, daily!


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