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Message of the Day: Reject What is Evil, Choose What is Good!

You who love the Lord, hate evil! He preserves the soul of His saints; He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” (Psalm 97:10, NKJV)

Psalm 97 continues the theme of the previous psalm which is God is king over the earth. This shows that holiness, righteousness and justice are the basis of God’s kingdom. His judgment is as universal as the flash of lightning and as powerful as an all-consuming fire (Psalm 97:1-5). Every thing will bow before his authority.

Image courtesy of Olive Tree Bible Software.

God’s people are aware of His Lordship and worship him. We experience the blessings of salvation in our everyday life as we reject what is evil and choose what is good. There can be no true worship and love where evil is not rejected or hated, since it abhorred by the Lord, the object of our worship.

We love what He loves, and hate what He hates!


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