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July 31, 1975, National Housing Authority was established by PD No. 757.

On 15 October 1975, the National Housing Authority was organized as a government-owned and controlled corporation, by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 757 dated 31 July 1975, creating the National Housing Authority and Dissolving the Existing Housing Agencies, Defining Its Powers and Functions, Providing Funds therefor, and for for other purposes.

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Thus, all other housing agencies were abolished by the said decree. The NHA took over and integrated the functions of the abolished agencies- the PHHC and the six (6) other housing agencies. The creation of the NHA is the second attempt of the government to integrated all housing efforts under a single agency, twenty-eight years after the merger under the PHHC.

The HNA traces its roots to the People’s Homesite Corporation (PHC), the first government housing agency established on October 14, 1938 and to the National Housing Commission (NHC) which was created 7 years later, on September 17, 1945. These two agencies, the PHC and NHC, were eventually merged on October 4, 1947 into the People’s Homesite and Housing Corporation (PHHC). In the years that followed, 6 more housing agencies were created to respond to separate and distinct shelter requirements, namely:

Three years later, in 1978, the Ministry of Human Settlements (MHS) was created. The Ministry adopted the holistic approach to housing. The NHA was placed as an attached agency to the MHS.

On March 26, 1986, Executive Order NO. 10 was issued placing the NHA as well as the other agencies attached to the abolished MSH, under the administrative supervision of the office of the President. 

Subsequently, Executive Order No. 90 was issued on December 17, 1986, rationalizing the housing structure in the government along lines of specialization and concentration.

Executive Order No. 90 identified the key housing agencies to implement the National Shelter Program and defined their respective mandates. The NHA was mandated to be the sole government agency to engage in housing production. Under the said Executive Order, NHA was placed under the policy and program supervision of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), the umbrella agency for shelter charged with the main function of coordination the activities of various government housing agencies engaged in production, finance and regulation.

Executive Order No. 20 on 28 May 2001 reaffirmed mass housing as a centerpiece program in the poverty alleviation efforts of government. Said EO likewise reaffirmed HUDCC’s administrative supervision over the housing agencies including the NHA.

On 14 February 2019, Republic Act (RA) 11201 was issued creating the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD), under section 50 of said RA 11201 Executive Order (EO) 90 was released placing NHA and other attached agencies and corporation under the administrative supervision for purposes of policy and program coordination, monitoring and evaluation. NHA shall continue to function as a production and financing arm in housing and shall exercise all other functions based on its existing laws.

The NHA today is the sole national agency mandated to engage in housing production for low income families.


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