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Message of the Day: Security And Safety of Those Who Trust God

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty
. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust
.” (Psalms 91:1,2 NKJV)

The psalm appears to have been used in temple worship in a time of danger. A lone singer or a temple worker (a priest or Levite) opens with a statement of the security and protection enjoyed by those who trust in God and live their lives constatnly in God’s presence.

Others suggest the psalm was written by David. If we accept David as the author, then the pestilence mentioned in 2 Samuel 24:13-15, will be the most probable of any special occasion to which the Psalm may refer.

2 Samuel 24 tells the narrative of the “illegal” census by David and its consequence. Israel’s increasing power and prosperity under David may have given David and his people feelings of self-praise, as if they, and not God, had been the cause of this growth. God saw that the time had come to awaken Israel to this sin. Therefore, God allowed Satan to suggest to David that he take a census of the people. David’s pride in his growing nation was apparently what made the suggestion seem such a good idea, but God was going to use the event to reveal that pride and punish it. The officials carried out the census first in the territory east of Jordan, then in the north of Canaan, and finally in the south.

Even before God acted in judgment, David’s conscience told him he had sinned. Through a prophet, God offered David a choice of one of three calamities as a punishment, but David chose rather to leave the decision with God and trust in his mercy. A plague broke out in Israel, physically weakening the nation that David thought was strong. Even Jerusalem, the city that David was so proud of, would have been destroyed had not God in his mercy stopped the plague.

Back to Psalm 91, the word “dwells” (Heb.) means ‘to remain’, to ‘stay’ or ‘to inhabit’ while to “abide” is ‘to lodge’ ‘to pass the night’ or ‘to lie all night.’ This gives us the notion of making the presence of God our habitation. We will stay there all day and when evening comes we will spend the night in the presence of God. For there we are covered with the cloud of his glory – the protection of the all-sufficient God.

We don’t just visit the presence of God once in a while or if there is a need to enter into it. But we make it a lifestyle to remain there and enjoy the nearness of God. This is also a reminder that we should not rely on our achievements and strength just like what David did, but to fully trust in the power of our Almighty God. We are admonished to desire to be near to God always, to make his presence our home so we will be secured from assaults and safe from every evil.


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Olive Tree Bible Software, 1998-2020.

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