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February 13, 1565, Miguel López de Legazpi Landed on the Shores of Cibabao

February 13, 1565, Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi and his troops arrived in the Philippines and landed on the shores of Cibabao (present day Samar island).

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (

Earlier, on November 21, 1564, Legazpi set sail from Puerto de la Navidad, Mexico, sighted Gua Island in the Ladrones on January 21, stayed there for about 11 days. Sailed for 11 more days mostly of good weather and then finally came in sight of the Filipinas. In the afternoon of February 13, 1565, Legazpi cast anchor in the bay called Cibabao and remained there for 7 or 8 days.

During his stay in Cibabao one of his men, Francisco Gomez, was killed by the natives. Gomez was killed after he disembarked to make blood-friendship with them, a ceremony that is considered inviolable. This is observed in this manner: one from each party must draw two or three drops of blood from his arm or breast and mix them, in the same cup, with water or wine. Then the mixture must be divided equally between two cups, and neither person may depart until both cups are alike drained.

While Gomez was about to bleed himself, one of the natives pierced his breast from one side with a lance.

Leaving the Cibabao bay, Legazpi sailed south reaching the end of the island, where the land turns west. Just south of this island are other islands between which and this island there is a straight channel running west. The fleet passed through this channel, and on the second day from the departure from Cibabao, after having sailed nearly thirty leagues, Legazpi reached a port of Tandaya Island and later into the port of Bohol.

From the port of Bohol, Legazpi reached the port of Cebu on a Friday, April 27, 1565, the same date 44 years earlier, in 1521, when Magellan was killed in Mactan.

Volume II of the Philippine Islands states,

The fleet left this island on February 3, and anchored on the thirteenth near the island of Cebu. Peace was made with the natives of one of the islands. Inquiries were made for Bernardo de la Torre, one of the captains of the Villalobos expedition, and they were given to understand that he was north from there. The natives, while professing friendship, brought their visitors but little food. Legazpi, therefore, sent Juan de la Isla with a party to look for a good port. This party was gone six days, experiencing the usual treachery from the natives, who killed one of them, who had disembarked without permission. Meanwhile another expedition was dispatched toward the south, with the same object in view. Possession was taken of the island of Zibabao in the king’s name.


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