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Jesus’ Final Week – FRIDAY

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Jesus’ Crucifixion and Death, Golgotha

Right after Pilate washed his hands and handed over Jesus to the crowd, Jesus was scourged.

Then, he was mocked, a crown of thorns was put to his head and he was led to the Golgotha to be crucified. On his way, he became too weak to carry the cross, so Simon of Cyrene was pressed to carry the cross for him (Matt. 27:27-32).


Crucifixion was Rome’s punishment for slaves, foreigners, and criminals who were not Roman citizens. It was the most agonizing and ignominious death a cruel age could devise. Nails were driven through the hands and feet, and the victim was left hanging there in agony, starvation, insufferable thirst and excruciating convulsions of pain. Death usually followed in four to six days. In Jesus’ case it was over in six hours. (Halley)

jesus-crucified-1215945 Christ is Crucified (Google Images)

The Site of the Crucifixion

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