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Message of the Day: “Then I will rejoice in the Lord. I will be glad because he rescues me.” (Psalm 35:9, NLT)

Psalm 35 was written probably during the time of David’s flight from Saul. Much of his suffering during that time was because of the false accusations made against him by influential people in Saul’s court. Since David’s enemies have the ferocity of men in battle, David asks God to deal with them accordingly and fight against them as a warrior. He prays that they might be turned back, scattered and brought to ruin, for they have persecuted him without cause. God alone can defend him against his attackers. (Psalm 35:1-10)

There are times that we are confronted with an utmost danger of being destroyed by our enemies, then if we escape, it must be by the strong arm of the Lord; and to him shall the praise and glory. Our deliverance from the hand of our enemies may involve the necessity of their being cut off. What we rejoice in such a case, is not the destruction of others, but our own deliverance; and for this it can never be improper to give thanks.


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