Message of the Day: On Proof of One’s Work and Worthless Boasting

Have you been a victim of false accusations? Discredited because of your weaknesses? Paul has so many reasons to boast of his performance as a missionary but he chose to be silent and taught us a lesson not to be boastful of our accomplishment for it is worthless boasting. We boast in the Lord and allow him to commend us.

Pa-Woke and the Filipino Psychology of Kapwa

Dami mong alam! (You know so much!) Eh di ikaw na matalino! Ako na bobo! (Okay! You are smart! I am dumb!) Have you been a victim of these sarcastic comments because you sounded like an intellectual or when you popped out a mind-blogging idea? If yes, then you are a victim of smart-shaming! You are tagged as pa-woke!

Message of the Day: God’s Invitation to Pray with A Promise

This is the most precious of all the privileges that we can ever get, "to be encouraged to pray by no less than God"; we have here the most extraordinary of all promises, "that God will answer us"; and the most encouraging of all promises, "that God will reveal great and mighty things.