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Category: Bible

The Apocalyptic Literature

The name 'apocalyptic' literature comes from the Greek 'apokalypto' meaning 'to reveal.' It was a well-known literary genre among the Jews and Christians from about 200 B.C.E. to 200 A.D., a period leading up and including the New testament era. Apocalypse as a literary genre was a response to persecution and oppression, it flourished during the most difficult time in Jewish history.

The Deuteronomic History

The Deuteronomic History explains the failure of the monarchy, why ISrael had lost the land of Canaan, and why it found itself in exile.

The Purpose of Influence Based on Psalm 72

Few days from now the term of office of the newly elected officials of our land will commence. They are the people of influence chosen by millions of Filipino voters to represent them in government.

On the Way to THE CRUX: Reflections On Jesus’ Journey to the Cross

Week Five: Responding to Jesus and His works This week’s reflection focuses on our response to the presence of Jesus and his works found in Luke 17:11-19:27 NASB. Luke reminds his readers that Jesus “was on the way to Jerusalem, He was passing between Samaria and Galilee” (Luke 17:11 NASB). In fact this is the final episode in the travelogue. The next passages talk about Jesus teaching in the Temple inside Jerusalem (Luke 19:45-21:38 NASB).

On the Way to THE CRUX: Reflections on Jesus’ Journey to the Cross

Week Four: Lost in His Own Home The older brother’s character shows that one does not have to leave his home in order to be lost or be called a prodigal son. A person can be estranged from God even if he is always inside the church. However, everyone is invited to return to God and repent, both the sinners and the clean ones.