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Tag: Society

Manuel L. Quezon’s “Message To My People.” A Rare Recording.

Manuel L. Quezon's speech entitled "Message to My People" was his only known recorded speech. It was recorded in the 1920s, "when [President Manuel Quezon] was first diagnosed with tuberculosis and assumed he didn't have much longer to live" according to his grandson Manuel L. Quezon III.


Today, February 17, 2020 is the 148th anniversary of the Execution of Fathers Mariano Gomez, José Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora (February 17, 1872).

The Purpose of Influence Based on Psalm 72

Few days from now the term of office of the newly elected officials of our land will commence. They are the people of influence chosen by millions of Filipino voters to represent them in government.

The Basis for Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere

The idea of writing a novel came out when Rizal realized that Filipinos were almost an unknown nation in Europe. In Madrid they mistaken to be Chinese. “Street urchins ran after them shouting ‘Chink! Chink!’ And indeed, half in self-mockery, half in defiance, the Filipinos in Madrid referred to one another as ‘slit-eyed Chinese’” (Leon Ma. Guerrero, The First Filipino).