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Tag: Theology

Pastorbluejeans Weekender: Be Patient!

This pandemic that oppresses us will soon come to an end. Instead of taking matters violently, we should wait on God patiently. That does not mean that we could not speak out our anguish and sentiments, it only forbade violence and personally hostile speech.

Jesus’ Final Week: SUNDAY

In the Gospels' account of Jesus' resurrection, it says that he appeared to Mary Magdalene early in the morning (Mk. 16:9-10), to his disciples and to the other women also early in the morning. All these appearances happened on the day of his resurrection. There is no record of the Risen Christ meeting his mother Mary first.

Is There Partiality With God? Can He Discriminate?

Think Twice is a series of reflections on faith, culture, and tradition that may affect a person’s way of thinking and judgment. It invites the readers to hold their judgment and reconsider the matters at hand – Think Twice! The blogs in this series are solely the author’s personal views and reflections.

Religious Relativism

Religious relativism means that the correctness of a religion is relative to the worldview of its community of adherents. (

The Visit of the Magi

The Magi visited Jesus when he was a “child” in his “house” not in a manger and certainly, the magi were not kings.